description[obsoleted] OpenVZ 2.6.24-based kernel
ownerPavel Emelyanov
last changeWed, 3 Jun 2009 12:30:51 +0000
2009-06-03 Konstantin... pidns: pi-futex pid check fixup 2.6.24-openvz
2009-04-21 Cyrill Gorcunovnet: bridge - process skbs has been already substituted...
2009-04-04 Pavel Emelyanovlinux-2.6.24-ovz008 released v2.6.24-ovz009
2009-03-27 Konstantin... VE: fix idle time accounting sync-2.6.26-27.03.09
2009-03-27 Konstantin... cfq: revalidate cached async queue
2009-03-27 Konstantin... cfq link cfq_bc_data without bc io sched
2009-03-18 Cyrill Gorcunovbc: fix permissions on /proc/bc
2009-02-10 Pavel Emelyanovlinux-2.6.24-ovz008 released v2.6.24-ovz008
2009-02-05 Denis Lunevfib: virtualize fib rules
2009-02-03 Konstantin... simfs: don't work with buggy input
2009-01-28 Pavel EmelyanovReplace swsoft mentions with parallels
2009-01-14 Pavel Emelyanovbridge: don't leak master device on brctl addif sync-2.6.26-14.01.09
2009-01-14 Denis V. Lunevnet: NETIF_F_VIRTUAL intersects with NETIF_F_LRO
2009-01-09 OpenVZ teamlinux-2.6.24-ovz007 released v2.6.24-ovz007
2009-01-09 Konstantin... ve: sanitize capability checks for namespaces creation
2008-12-29 Denis LunevNFS: NFS super blocks in different VEs should be different
5 years ago v2.6.24-ovz009 Linux 2.6.24-ovz009
5 years ago sync-2.6.26-27.03.09
5 years ago v2.6.24-ovz008 Linux 2.6.24-ovz008
5 years ago sync-2.6.26-14.01.09
5 years ago v2.6.24-ovz007 Linux 2.6.24-ovz007
6 years ago v2.6.24-ovz006.5 Linux 2.6.24-ovz006.5
6 years ago v2.6.24-ovz006.4 Linux 2.6.25-ovz006.4
6 years ago v2.6.24-ovz006.3 Linux 2.6.24-ovz006.3
6 years ago v2.6.24-ovz006 Linux 2.6.24-ovz006
6 years ago v2.6.24-ovz005 Linux 2.6.24-ovz005
6 years ago v2.6.24-ovz004 Linux 2.6.24-ovz004
6 years ago v2.6.24-ovz003 Linux 2.6.24-ovz003
6 years ago v2.6.24-ovz002.2 Linux 2.6.24-ovz002.2
6 years ago v2.6.24-ovz002 Linux 2.6.24-ovz002
6 years ago v2.6.24 Linux 2.6.24
6 years ago v2.6.24-rc8 Linux 2.6.24-rc8
5 years ago 2.6.24-openvz
6 years ago master