description[obsoleted] OpenVZ 2.6.20-based kernel
ownerPavel Emelyanov
last changeMon, 9 Jul 2007 05:29:23 +0000
2007-07-09 OpenVZ teamlinux-2.6.20-ovz008 released master ovz008
2007-07-05 Pavel EmelianovCompilation fix for cap_best patch
2007-07-05 Pavel EmelianovCompilation fixes related to pid namespaces after mergi...
2007-07-05 Pavel Emelianov[NFS] Small compilation fix after merging stable patches
2007-07-05 Pavel Emelianov[CPT] Compilation fixes
2007-07-05 Alexey Kuznetsov[CPT] bug in restore net routes
2007-07-04 Matt Mackallrandom: fix seeding with zero entropy
2007-06-09 Alexey Dobriyan[PATCH] dcache: move might_sleep() from under preempt_d...
2007-06-09 Alexey DobriyanSpeedup the dcache shrinker
2007-06-09 Alexandr Andreev[PATCH] sched: fix up fairsched tick duration according...
2007-06-09 Vasily Tarasov[PATCH] Fix iowait stats in VE0
2007-06-09 Vasily Tarasov[PATCH] Fix debug messages when CONFIG_DEBUG_PREEMPT...
2007-06-09 Kirill Korotaev[PATCH] sched: boot CPU can have non-zero ID (sparc)
2007-06-09 Kirill Korotaev[PATCH] fairsched: fix VCPU info in show regs on x86-64
2007-06-09 Evgeny Kravtsunov[PATCH] rename vcpu_info to vcpu_struct due to conflict...
2007-06-09 Alexandr Andreev[SCHED] compilation fix in case CONFIG_SCHED_VCPU=n
7 years ago ovz008 linux-2.6.20-ovz008
7 years ago ovz007 linux-2.6.20-ovz007
7 years ago ovz006 linux-2.6.20-ovz006
7 years ago ovz005 linux-2.6.20-ovz005
7 years ago ovz004 linux-2.6.20-ovz004
7 years ago ovz003 linux-2.6.20-ovz003
7 years ago ovz002 linux-2.6.20-ovz002
7 years ago v2.6.20-ovz001 Linux 2.6.20-ovz001
7 years ago v2.6.20 Linux 2.6.20
7 years ago v2.6.20-rc7 Linux 2.6.20-rc7
7 years ago v2.6.20-rc6 Linux 2.6.20-rc6
7 years ago v2.6.20-rc5 Linux 2.6.20-rc5
7 years ago v2.6.20-rc4 Linux 2.6.20-rc4
7 years ago v2.6.20-rc3 Linux 2.6.20-rc3
7 years ago v2.6.20-rc2 Linux 2.6.20-rc2
7 years ago v2.6.20-rc1 Linux v2.6.20-rc1
7 years ago master
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